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Project Phases & Service
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We will tailor our service to provide comprehensive project management or to support a single phase, task or requirement as appropriate to the situation.
  •  Project Construction / Initiation
Project development and definition through to the creation of a project statement and charter. 
Identifying, capturing and collective stakeholder endorsement of the high level objectives, constraints and requirements is the keystone for project success.
  • Planning / Detailing the Work

Development of a comprehensive project plan, this will typically require or include a; statement of scope, work breakdown structure, network diagram, work package definition, time and cost estimate, risk  identification and consideration, schedule, and project budget.  Additionally, scope, schedule, cost, quality,staffing, communications, procurement,risk management and project control plans, as appropriate, to ensure a formal plan and approval are accomplished.

  • Execution / Completing the Work

Implement and complete the project plan, manage progress, proactively identify and take action to adjust and correct for changes and exceptions to the project plan.

  • In-Process Controlling / Performance Measurement, Reporting and Project Change Control

Manage integrated change control over the entire project effort, routine project performance measurement and reporting, (earned value management) project plan updates and corrective actions.  Earned value management works to directly correlate project performance to expectations and the bottom line!

  • Closure / Final Analysis, Report-Out, Record and Wrap-Up

Project deliverables are verified for formal acceptance and administrative closure of the project is completed.  Typical activity may include; financial closure, updating records, documenting lessons learned, and completing a final project report and analysis to aid future improvement and provide an archive for reference.

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