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A "Project" is any temporary effort required to create a unique product or service.  
It is "temporary" because there is a distinct beginning and end to the required effort.
We work with you to define temporary project requirements and to provide the services, and support to meet your project needs.
Project Management and Project Services:

Organizational Services:  Support to improve upon existing capability and infrastructure.

  • Projects Program and Project Structure Review and Assessment
  • Organization Program & System Development and Implementation
  • "Project Office" Services
  • Training and Education
Common collaboration efforts:
  • Project Manager / Assistant Project Manager role fulfillment
  • Project Development & Multi-Project Prioritization 
    • (Selection,Initiating and Chartering)
  • Project Services Provider
    • (Planning, Scheduling, Administration)
  • Organizational Project Capability Improvement
  • Project Management Program Development
  • Problem Solving 
  • Alternative Solutions and Evaluation
  • Earned Value Project Management

Project Services:  Specific Project Management and Services, supporting all phases of project efforts.

  • Project Construction / Initiation
  • Planning / Detailing the Work
  • Execution / Completing the Work
  • In-Process Controlling / Performance Measurement, Reporting and Change Control
  • Closure / Final Analysis, Report-Out, Records and Wrap-Up

Some ProjectWorks Inc. attributes:

  • Diverse industry and management experience brought to support and complement your project solution.
  • Proven project system methods and approach.
  • Focused, dedicated project resource(s)
  • Cost Effective 
  • Specialist in Project Management
  • The temporary support and expertise you need to complete your project.

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